"Beaming white" teeth Whitening service (Reg. $150.-)

Our Advanced Kit uses a Cheek Retractor and an Applicator Pen with 16% hydrogen peroxide instead of a mouth tray and a syringe. OUR ASSISTANT puts on the cheek retractor, and then, applies the gel directly to the teeth using a pen that looks just like a touch-up pen. In this way, there is nothing (such as a tray) interfering between the light and the gel on the teeth. This method is basically how dentists do it (and they get the best results in the industry), except that dentists use a higher concentration of gel and they actually apply the gel to the patient’s teeth after applying a gingival protector. If the tray system worked better, dentists would be using it for their light-activated treatments, but they do not. Our Applicator Pen has enough gel to comfortably perform 3 treatments on the same PATIENT. The treatment is performed in a private room with relaxing music and CALMING lighting. A high tech halogen ACCELERATOR light is placed in front of the teeth to ENHANCE the process. EACH SESSION IS 20 MINUTES LONG.

Advantages of our Advanced Whitening Kit™

1.     It is more effective because OUR gel has a 16% hydrogen peroxide concentration (the highest concentration in the market for cosmetic teeth whitening). With OtheR tray systemS the highest you can safely use is 12% hydrogen peroxide. 16% in a mouth tray will cause a lot of gum irritation.

2.     There is no mouth tray interfering between the light and the teeth. Even if the mouth tray is clear, it still refracts the light.

3.     It’s safer because the gel is applied directly to the teeth so no gel squeezes onto the gums; hence it does NOT cause gum irritation even at 16% H2O2.

4.     It’s more comfortable because the cheek retractor keeps the customer’s mouth open without any effort on their part.

5.     With the tray system, the customer strains to keep smiling, which is difficult and sometimes even painful, and many people can’t expose their teeth completely to the light even when they smile, so they get uneven results.

6.       This is the best system because it’s completely self-administered, and our assistants are always available to guide you through the process.