Shellac Nail Polish

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                                         Ladies Love Shellac

                                         Ladies Love Shellac

CND Shellac

 Like a one-of-a-kind necklace, your nail polish can be a key accessory. Along with professional expertise, a great nail polish is central to all great manicure and pedicure. Because we live in an age of instant gratification, we demand more from our polish. Beyond the color choice, that must “speak to us”, be in season, and fit for the occasion, the nail polish has to be a good value as well; long-lasting, cheap resistant, and because of today’s extra busy agenda, we also need our nail polish to be super-fast drying.

Think our standards are too high? Or can one polish really do all of these things? Well, “The best of top rated beauty products” by, delivered their top 10 favorite nail polishes, in which members rated CND Shellac with 9.6 out of 10, one of the two best nail polish systems of 2014.


Why is it so great? All reviewers agree: CND Shellac lasts forever. "I've opened soda cans [and] done housework and my manicures have held up," one reader raves. "The only reason why I need to get them done again every two to three weeks is because of the nail growth at the cuticle line…Users also vouch for Shellac's super-speedy drying time and forever lasting "new-car-shiny" finish. All together, reasons that make Shellac’s slightly higher price worthy, since the service is less frequently needed. Unless you buy the special UV light machine, you'll most likely have to visit a salon for the highest-quality results with CND Shellac, but for the demanding mani/pedi junkies out there, this brand may be your new best friend.