All our massage packages begin in our dedicated wet treatment area. Enjoy Sauna, Steam, and Swiss Shower in a private room for you and your friends. The effects of these treatments will open your pores, promote circulation and relax your muscles. Your therapist will escort you to the next step in your journey, a serene massage room equipped with light therapy and soothing sounds. 

Our skilled professionals offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Hot Stone, Lymphatic Drainage, Cellulite reduction and many other techniques. Couple's room and poolside are some of the options available.

Please arrive early so that you have time to fill out our intake form, and enjoy a relaxing beverage. A typical one hour massage consists of 50 minutes hands-on, plus time for disrobing before the treatment, and collecting your belongings immediately after.

The BeachBeauty Swedish Massage

This classic form of body massage promotes relaxation, enhances circulation, relieves tension and soothes tired muscles. Essential oils are utilized for the Aromatherapy.

30/60/90 minutes: $80/$115/$165

The BeachBeauty Deep Tissue Massage

A firm massage that combines a variety of techniques to release both physical and emotional tension. A touch of reflexology and head massage will take you to a deep level of relaxation. Ideal for aches and sore muscles.

30/60/90 minutes: $90/$125/$175

Hot Volcanic Stone Therapy Massage

Warm stones are placed in strategic parts of the body to sooth muscles and extract negative energy from the body. A full body relaxation massage complements a treatment that you will remember for years.

60/90 minutes: $120/$180

Vichi Shower

An herbal scrub is applied to the whole body to remove dead skin cells. It is then removed and followed by a Dead Sea mud mask all over that will cleanse and tone your skin. Six body sprays give you a kinetic water massage to wash away stress and tension with pressure points from head to toes. You are later dried, and a light hydrating cream massage sends you into Spa heaven.

30 (no mud)/60 minutes: $80/$100

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